Grants and Scholarships

Below you will find the applications and directions for applying for grants and scholarships funded by the Alan Green Memorial Foundation.

GRANT REQUESTS: Organizations wishing to apply for a grant must complete an application, which you can download here:  Grant Application AGMF Grant Application It includes a description of the program, the intended use of the money, and a breakdown of the costs associated with the requested amount. DEADLINE: September 30th

HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR SCHOLARSHIPS: Students must complete the application which can be downloaded here: HS Senior Scholarship Application AGMF HS Senior Scholarship Application (1) AGMF HS Senior Scholarship Application (1)  It includes personal letters, letter of reference, an official high school transcript, and a copy of the acceptance letter from the college, university, or trade school you plan to attend. DEADLINE: March 31

CONTINUING COLLEGE, UNIVERSITY, OR TRADE SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIP: Applicants must complete the application, which can be downloaded here:  Continuing College Application Continuing Application AGMF Contining Scholarship Application It includes a personal letter, an official college, university, or trade school transcript, and if changing to a new school, a copy of your acceptance letter. DEADLINE: June 30


Submit your application digitally by email. Applications MUST be received by the DEADLINE DATE.  No late applications will be considered.

EMAIL: Email your complete application and all associated documents to:


QUESTIONS: Please contact the Foundation at