Grants and Scholarships

Below you will find the applications and directions for applying for grants and scholarships funded by the Alan Green Memorial Foundation.

GRANT REQUESTS: Organizations wishing to apply for a grant must complete an application, which you can download here: AGMF Grant Application AGMF Grant Application It includes a description of the program, the intended use of the money, and a breakdown of the costs associated with the requested amount. DEADLINE: September 30th

HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR SCHOLARSHIPS:AGMF HS Senior Scholarship Application Students must complete the application which can be downloaded here: AGMF HS Senior Scholarship Application (1)HS Senior Scholarship Application AGMF HS Senior Scholarship Application (1) AGMF HS Senior Scholarship Application (1)  It includes personal letters, letter of reference, an official high school transcript, and a copy of the acceptance letter from the college, university, or trade school you plan to attend. DEADLINE: March 31

CONTINUING COLLEGE, UNIVERSITY, OR TRADE SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIP: AGMF Contining Scholarship ApplicationApplicants must complete the application, which can be downloaded here:  Continuing College Application Continuing Application AGMF Continuing Scholarship Application It includes a personal letter, an official college, university, or trade school transcript, and if changing to a new school, a copy of your acceptance letter. DEADLINE: June 30


Submit your application digitally by email. ALL DOCUMENTS MUST BE SUBMITTED AS PDF.  Applications MUST be received by the DEADLINE DATE.  No late applications will be considered.

EMAIL: Email your complete application and all associated documents to:

QUESTIONS: Please contact the Foundation at